Tips for working with your AudioVisual Vendor


Planning an event demands attention to many factors. When the outcome is success or trauma for you and your client, it is important to generate a detailed roadmap around hidden obstacles.

Understanding what you can (and can’t) control should help your emotional state and problem solving on game day. The Event Media Tech Sales Team was tasked with providing some of the most useful pieces of information to gather before any show. Armed with this knowledge, your confidence should sell itself!


Some do’s and don’ts of working with YOUR AudioVisual Vendor

  • Do work with your provider in terms of goals instead of in terms of equipment. A competent AV partner should be able to take your goals and provide a solution.
  • Do share budgeting info. Armed with a design and a budget, a proper AV designer should be able to create the solution, or articulate why the budget is off.
  • Do ask for recommendations or past photos of work. Ask how many times they have executed a similar design to yours.
  • Do feel free to connect the AV vendor with some of your other vendors. If you feel like you are not comfortable doing this, find an AV vendor that you can trust with this info.
  • Do provide as much day of timeline info as possible. And in turn, the AV vendor should be able to provide you with their in depth timeline as well.
  • Do have fun! Behind the live event business is a vibrant culture of passionate people to enjoy your time with.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask if certain equipment is needed, or what it is used for. An honest AV vendor should be able to clearly explain their design and every piece of tech in it.
  • Don’t ask the vendor to perform a task they are not suited to perform. Rigging, for example, can be expensive, but should only be performed by qualified individuals.
  • Don’t wait too long to share any content with the AV provider. They need time to test it with the system, and implement any changes to graphics.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for line item pricing.  You should be able to pick and choose the right equipment for the right price.

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